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05-28-2011, 01:28 AM
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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
No two people are the same, your body will tell you if you're shooting too much, just as it will tell you if you're overworking with pretty much any type of exercise. If you start to feel significant pain in your shoulder, wrists, tendons in your hands (whatever they're called), etc., then back off a bit, but if you can shoot a tonne with only the normal low level stiffness/aches then I'd say keep it up.

As for your stick flexing too much, that's really a personal preference thing, some like a tonne of whip, others like very stiff sticks. If you think it feels to soft for you, it probably is. What's your height/weight, what's the flex rating on your current stick, and how much have you cut it down?
I'm using a 50 flex bauer vapor xxxx that I bought way back in september(extremely durable). I am 110 pounds at 5"6-5"7. I haven't cut it down at all but it comes up to my chin in feet now thanks to a few growth spurts

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