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Originally Posted by Sined View Post
I don't know about you but discrete math COMP 232 formerly COMP 238/239 (for computer science and Software Engineering, NOT Computer Engineering) at Concordia has been tweaked and changed several times over the past 5 years and still only around 50-60% pass on their first try on that course. If you feel really confident in your discrete math skill by all means be my guest, but if you're basing yourself on discrete Math from Vanier, the Concordia version is a ***** compared to Vanier's. Vanier's Mathematics for computer Science basically covers AT BEST 5-10% of what is covered in COMP 232.

As for 213 vs. 233. Honestly it's up to you, both classes have been beaten to death like it's literally been the same course being taught for like the past 2 decades, tons of past exams and extracurricular aids (out of school tutoring services, notes, etc) for those classes. When you boil it down, ENGR 213 is Cal 1 + 2 meaning here are some techniques that use Derivatives and integrals and figure out which one to apply to certain situations and ENGR 233 is Cal 3 (from what I'm told).

Some swear that one is easier while the others claim the opposite.
I don't know what it is about comp 232 but it really is the hardest course i've done up to now in computer science. I just finished engr 233 and I thought i would struggle and yet in the end i aced it but that comp 232 even though I studied like mad, I still only passed with a C+. It's the proofs, I think that make it so hard. Have you taken Comp 361 yet?

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