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05-28-2011, 10:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Atlas View Post
Thanks, buddy. Usiel is cool. I like him. Great mod, always positive. I even like txpd even though I have him on my ignore list. Sorry tx, following your logic makes me crazy.

Some fans are just young and think they've got forever to win it. I was that way in the 90s. There was no doubt that all those #1 draft picks (Peake, Halverson, Gonch, Witt, Allison, Baumgartner, Church, Elomo, Volchkov, ad infinitum) would coalesce into a Cup winner.

Well, actually...

In my "advanced years" it's clear that Leonsis, McPhee and Boudreau are out of their element. But who cares, really? It's just a kid's game, right?
We blew a lot of picks in mid to late 80s too. I think Peake would have been great, but he was injury riddled. In the 90s we had lots of picks and didn't bother to trade up or anything. Volchkov, egads what a waste. We obviously don't have forever to win, but we're still young enough to have more chances. In the Ovechkin era, we've wasted picks on Pokulok, Schultz, and Gustafsson so far. Can't win on every draft pick, but that waste of 90s picks, especially when we had those St Louis picks.

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