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05-28-2011, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Drive425 View Post
I think all the posters saying Price was average or worse need to go and watch that series again. Seriously people, It was down to Thomas vs Price pretty much every game. Price made incredible saves and so did Thomas. We lost the series, period end of discussion. It doesn't matter that the refs missed calls or the Bruins got lucky or the Habs had some of their best players missing. Nothing is going to change the outcome and blaming that outcome on Price is just wrong.
He was solid to great in game 1-2-5-6-7. 5 games is pretty good.

However, Price (and the habs) dropped the ball in game 3-4 and let the bruins back in it.

Overall, Price isn't the reason we lost, but he could have been the reason we won with one good game out of game #3-4. Those were the key points of the series. Had we won one of these 2 games... and we're not even talking about Price stealing either of those game, just play solid.

But he did have 5 really good games. And if we had played better in game 4 it wouldn't have mattered. But whatever. He shares the blame for the loss with the rest of the team.

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