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05-28-2011, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Genghis Keon View Post
It's fine, but I think that speaks more to your belief in management than the current situation. Maybe I'm wrong, but I never got the feeling you were enamored with our D-corps. Right now, we have our young building block who's already played at a #1 level, an old expiring contract, and a boatload of cash. Our free agents claim to want to come back or otherwise have strong ties to the city (Markov being here his whole career, getting Canadian citizenship, etc.). Management aside, we're in a situation where we have nothing but options. So if you really liked our D, we have the option to bring the core back (and Hamrlik's not going to get 5.5 from anyone; with his injuries, it's unlikely Markov is getting anymore than he is now, if that; and the cap went up; so there's more room for growth moving forward). If you didn't like them, we have the cash to change.

It seems to me it's the kind of situation you want the team to be in. From what you post, you don't like the team's cap management (with regards to how it impacts flexibility and growth moving forward), and now they have a chance to rework the entire d-corps. This is real life, not a video game, so even with the reincarnation of Sam Pollock things wouldn't work out perfectly, but from what you write, it really seems like a situation you'd want.
that's pretty bang on.

i want to give PG the benefit of the doubt, so I remain cautiously optimistic about what he will do this summer, but memories of '09 make it hard to have a lot of faith.

Healthy, our defense from last season was pretty good. Gill and Hamrlik were both exposed by being forced into too many minutes, but as bottom-3 dmen, they were fine. Wiz brought some much needed scoring help after Markov went down, and Gorges showed continued development before he got hurt.

Markov-Subban-Gorges... healthy that's a very good top-3. Question is who do you bring in for the other top-4 spot. Wiz @ <4M$ is a good option, but if we commit to him for over 4M$, I think we'll end up regretting it. If he prices himself out of town, what UFA then becomes a reasonable target in the 3.5-4.5M$ range, and will we be able to land them?

the bottom pairing will be fine assuming we re-sign one of Gill/Hamrlik (I prefer Hamrlik), and let them split time with Weber/Emelin.

but that still leaves Spacek (who needs to be dealt, otherwise we end up with a badly overpaid bottom-pairing dman), and filling that 4 spot.

With Markov/Gorges coming back from major injury, you'd think there'd be more of an imperative to make sure that 4th dman is a quality all-around dman. Wiz is too weak defensively to be counted on to pick up the slack if injuries hit again, so imo finding an affordable upgrade for him, assuming Markov/Gorges are retained, is our biggest need.

PG will have to show a little more creativity and "balls" this summer if he's going to pull off improving the roster from opening day last year. More likely, I'm inclined to predict that he'll be content getting the incumbents re-signed, and banking on the continued improvement of players like subban, eller, weber, maxpac to provide the team with a higher level of play. Banking on youth is always a risky call, especially when your veterans are almost all highly inconsistent (or injury-prone)

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