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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
If Bruce shows up in camp and tries to do the same stuff and make no changes whatsoever to his systems, George is an idiot for retaining him, plain and simple. I want the media to call out Bruce for doing the same thing in the face of a flawed approach.

Having an offense that relies on individual skills will only win a cup by facing dumb oppostion coaches. Hockey is a team sport and a coordinated plan is needed. Before 1 guy can win 16 games for his team, a smart coach will neutralize him, take him out. Bruce has shown no signs to ever adjust on the fly to take out a guy killing us. Bergenheimed.. what's that?

If we dont see our offense showing signs of an organized coordinated attack, Bruce needs to go. God mode led wins is asking too much of his stars. All the ice time in the world can't make them god. But it is enough to help him retain his job. I could do his job. We all could. F this F that. Attack. Out work em. Take tomorrow off.

I want to see a man with a new plan. A coordinated attack based on players using each other as we enter. The only consistent plan I see in the offensive zone is based on the play of the worst offensive players on the team, the defensive dmen pinching. Otherwise, yep as Ero and others have said before, its pond hockey.
The problem is not with the systems or the Xs and Os. It's the mental make-up up the team and culture fostered in the dressing room. The Caps PP didn't go from #1 to whatever it was because they all the sudden forgot how to execute it or teams learned how to stop it after 2 years. They simply didn't work hard enough and several players appeared unfocused and out of shape.

If Bruce is back at all McPhee is incompetent, imo.

Boudreau should already be gone and GMGM should be the one on the hot seat at this point. It's pathetic.

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