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Originally Posted by Welshy3413 View Post
It's not the quality of the goal that matters, its the feeling afterwards and what it represents, and the epicness of the moment, Kane's goal was not epic at all, it was more like "wtf just happened?" It's hardly a historical moment as it will be forgotten about in a few years time, whereas Howie Rose's screams of "Matteau!!" will always be one of the greatest calls in all of hockey, and a moment many people will never forget
so Kane's goal gets a bad wrap because the puck got stuck in the net and Kane was the only player celebrating? If that puck went in and out cleanly, the celebration would have been similarly epic. Can't we blame the broadcaster for this? Perhaps I don't understand the nature of the poll. Is this a more historical goal or a more goal of epic celebration? I think you are just projecting your own standards on this contest. Matteau Matteau was a historic moment in Rangers history right behind the guaranteed win and "this one will last a life time." Messier must have the most epic Cup acceptance mad happy cackle in all of history. If you were to put up the 94 cup run versus the 2010 run, 94 would handily destroy it. An OT cup winner is pretty special though so I would not think less of its historical significance just because it didn't happen with an explosive exclamation mark of broadcast elation.

edit: and vs Brodeur? It was a fluky goal regardless of who the goalie was. It's not like Matteau juked the pants off of Fatso here. Kane sniped the top corner on his shot - from a truly awful angle - but Leighton just was not expecting a shot from there.

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