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05-28-2011, 07:38 PM
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Originally Posted by agentblack View Post
Ok well for one saying the Avs have NO interest in Gragnani is probably incorrect unless you work for them how would you know, As good as Barrie/Elliot might be at an AHL/NHL level, Gragnani has proven at the AHL/NHL level to be a better prospect than anything we have in our system.
Stafford, Ennis, and your first rounder, and I'm not that confident that Avs would take that deal without something added from Sabres side
Wow so its Stastny and Liles (who is an UFA after this year btw) for Staf, Ennis, and the 16th OV pick?
and you want MORE from BUF? Not happenin' BUF ends up trading away 3 players for 1 since its no guarantee Liles re-signs and they have to consider that.
Gragnani may be the best prospect in the Sabre's system, however that doesn't change the fact that the Av's do not have a need for another PMD in their system. Why would the Av's want to make a deal that has them weakened at center only to add to the area that is probably the strongest area in the Av's system? As far as saying Gragnani proved anything at the NHL level, he hasn't even played 20 NHL games yet! Unless of course, you're trying to prove that Gragnani can play 20 nhl games, then I guess you could make a pretty good case for that.

Sure, Liles is a free agent in a year and there are no guarantees he will re-sign. But Stafford is a RFA, and there are no guarantees he signs either, maybe he really likes vodka and snow and decides to go to Russia. Then there is the 16th pick, which there are no guarantees the Av's get anyone with that pick at all. So in the end Buffalo gets three years of Stastny, and a year of Liles. Colorado only gets a year of Ennis. That hardly seems fair. Maybe I'd want three years of Pominville to go with my side of Ennis.

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