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Madden: Penguins' crowded booth
....Penguins management reportedly feels Steigerwald is lazy and often lacks preparation.
Too worried about appearance, not enough about content.
Management also feels Steigerwald is unworried about these concerns....
Who from "Penguins Management" told Madden this?
Did they give him the OK to put it in print?
Tom McMillan was on Madden's show that very day, albeit talking about something entirely different, he surely knew about the article and "rumor".

Why would Madden, an alleged part of the "Penguins Family", print something so scathing against another member of the "Penguins Family"?

IMO, there is a reason Madden put this in print and spent a week talking about, and I don't think it was simply rumor mongering.
The Penguins management quotes got much to personal for that:
"lazy and often lacks preparation"

Obviously the Pens or Root Sports had discussions with Steigerwald about their concerns, and equally obviously Steigerwald blew them off:
"Management also feels Steigerwald is unworried about these concerns"

So, why the "Rumors are flying" article?
Was it sanctioned by the Pens?
Was it a trail balloon floated by Penguins management to gauge fan reaction about Steigerwald?
Was it to scare Steigerwald straight? (will it work or just piss him off?)

Why was all this internal "Penguins Family" business made public?

Another clue, Madden's first comments about this were on a Monday morning.
Bob Smizik, of all people, had a blog post defending Steigerwald the previous Saturday, before any Madden rumor.
Why would Smizik take time from live blogging Pirates batting practice to post something out of the blue defending Steigerwald?
Who was his source? Steigerwald?

Something is fishy.

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