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05-29-2011, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Vagrant View Post
Joel Armia reminds me of Osala in a few ways. Armia has a much better shot, but the foot speed is a concern for both players. Armia had a terrible U20 showing for Finland despite some flashes of physicality and that combined with his footwork will be the reason he likely slips into the teens. The inconsistency in his scoring is also somewhat troublesome but a professional schedule can be a hard one to play obviously.

With our recent experience with Osala, I don't know if we touch Armia. I know they are on two different levels in regards to scoring touch, but there are similarities there regarding skating stride and foot speed even down to the frame.

The problem with Oleksiak for me is that he turns like a boat. He has heavy feet in tight spaces and has trouble making adjustments to fast skaters going outside on him. He has decent to strong straight line speed for a player his size, but that quick shift adjustment is problematic. I think one of two things happens with Oleksiak. He either works incredibly hard to get quicker feet in which case he becomes a Chara like presence, or he modifies his game to a more positional style to account for his lack of foot speed and it takes away from his physical style as well as his offensive prowess.... which is questionable to start with. I don't know if his offensive skills translate into a guy that could eventually play on an NHL powerplay, but as always the rare combination of size and adequate puck handling ability has people drooling.

I will say this.... he's not half the skater that Tyler Myers is and was at this point in his career. Two different guys. Oleksiak does not have freak athleticism and where he goes will entirely depend upon how much work he's able to put into it. Chara had some of the same issues coming out.... as did Valabik. I think you get the idea.
I agree that they're both high risk/high reward prospects, but I think we're at the stage where we need to take a risk and hope something pans out. The thing with drafting McNeill is he's not going to have a role here. Staal obviously is 1st line center long term. Dalpe looks very likely to develop into that #2, and Sutter is without question the 3rd line center here. Armia would look great on Staal's wing if he pans out and if Oleksiak pans out, then a top 4 of:


looks absolutely disgusting down the line.

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