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05-29-2011, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by sawtooth420 View Post
This thread is hilarious. It's every single Nucks fan saying Kesler is worth more to their team than Malkin and every other fan saying theyre crazy. Malkin would easily be the best player on their team.
I think you are misunderstanding what they Canucks fans are actually meaning. Yes Malkin is the better offensive player than Kesler. What we are saying is that losing him even for the upgrade offensively for Malkin hurts our team moreso then helps us. Kesler right now is a 40 Goal 70+ point player while playing most of his time with decent 2nd line players (Yes he does get PP time with the twins which helped his goal total. But Kesler is a beast defensively and took the reigning Conn Smythe winner and held him to 1 goal (which he wasn't on the ice for) in a 7 Game series.

A better looking trade would be the Sedin's for Malkin and a very good winger (ie. Neal). As that is arguable that it can make our team better. But neither team would do it as Pitts fan's would say Sedin's are too old and Van fan's would say Malkin would have to prove the injury didn't affect him too much.

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