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05-29-2011, 01:46 PM
Des Louise
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As for the current topic. I'd just like to bring up two points.

Are four 1st round draft picks really worth Subban ?

Would it be :

Tinordi, Leblanc, Fisher and Chipchura.


Price, Pacioretty, Leblanc, McDonagh


I think it's not that often that you can land a player like Subban. They say the winner of a trade is the team getting the best player. I subscribe to that theory. I think it holds true more often than not.

Hell, even in the second case. We're getting Price #2 which is great, but goalies have almost no trade value and we already have a good goalie. Would we need the headache that comes with a young wolf nipping at Price's heels. And then we'd still have to wait years to see the first hint of a reward from these picks.

Another point I wanted to make is that clearly Subban isn't worth 7M/per at the moment. But then again, PG has said time and time again that moves are made in consideration of the future. And in that light, is Subban going to be worth 7M/per down the road ? Well, I'd not be surprised if he was. I'm really really high on him. Sky is the limit for him. Not to mention with regular inflation from year to year, and new CBA, in 6-7 years 7M won't be worth the same it is right now. It might end up being a bargain in 5-10 years if the salary cap keeps going up.

Maybe it would be crazy to match that offer. Probably would be. But I'd hate to see the first actual potential superstar skater this team has had in I don't know how long leave for draft picks. Not only that, but one that is thriving in Montreal's pressure cooker environment.

Also, Buffalo matched for Vanek. How does a potential 7M/per offer sheet to PK match up with Vanek's situation in Buffalo back then ?

Also as a fan he's plain fun to watch. I wouldn't get the same enjoyment from an equivalent 4 player package. Hell, not sure Pacioretty, McDo, Leblanc and Price will provide the same excitement PK does. But I understand this has no bearing on actual decisions.

Either way. It seems so cut and dry for everyone. Just wanted to play devil's advocate a little.

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