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08-21-2005, 07:46 AM
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well the best way i can explain it is that johnson tries to "anticipate" the drop...the method he uses for faceoffs at home(where the road player has to put his stick on the ice first)is he tries to lift the opponents stick,step in and kick the puck back....if you make contact with the stick prior to the drop you get kicked out....johnson does this a lot,trying to beat them to the puck....on the road he primarily tries to outquick the opponent,simply drawing the puck back before the guy can lift his stick or beat him to the puck,so he actually gets thrown out more at home ususally...and of course,like patty says,you can get thrown out when your forwards step over the imaginary line too,somethings that happens every now and then

the worst part of being thrown out of course is that the followon guy cann't take any risks,because if he gets thrownout it's a delay penalty,so the 2nd guy in's win percentage is always going to be quite a bit lower than normal...this is one of the primary reasons walker's % was only 41 or so %,he was the guy who many times took the 2nd draw attempt after johnson got tossed before sullivan arrived..i actually think walker is a much better faceoff taker than his numbers suggest

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