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05-29-2011, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by HFNHL Commish View Post
Saying I don't think he has "Top 5-8" potential isn't really a huge knock on the's basically saying that I don't think he'll be a regular in the All-Star Game. He could certainly end up being as good as a Bryzgalov.
Appreciated, definitely. I was just wondering if you were seeing something that you didn't think was correctable. Goalies are tough to forecast, so it caught my attention that in spite of his rookie season and the positives mentioned, you didn't think he had what it took to possibly be in the top 25% of NHL starters.

Granted, goalies are tough to forecast, so saying someone is going to be good because they're talented is a crap shoot. Likewise forecasting someone's ceiling as a result of correctable limitations seemed unusual to me (which is why I wondered if there were other unmentioned factors that lead you to your opinion).

Originally Posted by HFNHL Commish View Post
That said, yes, there are things that I see that put a cap on his potential. For one, he's only average-sized, and there are a lot of bigger goalies these days that are also quick. To compound things, he doesn't come out to challenge shooters and cut down the angle enough, which effectively makes him smaller. Is some of this technique? Yes, but you also can't teach aggression. Time will tell if it's in his mental makeup.
Bigger is better, absolutely, but I think you start to run into diminishing returns after you're much bigger than Bob is (6'2''). I think Bob's crouched stance and depth is more of a problem than his reach (both of which should be correctable). He could stand to sacrifice some lateral explosiveness for the sake of getting his shoulders and hands higher up in net.

Obviously I don't know Bobrovsky intimately, and clearly his ability to articulate his thoughts is limited by a language barrier, but when you read his interviews you definitely get a sense that he a guy with tremendous drive and high standards for himself. You should also keep in mind that this is a guy that never had a goalie coach before last season. To make it to the NHL with out ever being coached, IMO is pretty telling of someone's willingness to analyze themselves and improve on a regular basis.

I have high hopes for him towards the latter half of next season. I think now that his English is improved he should hopefully be easier to coach, and will have some time to really work on some of the fundamentals of his game before the season (I think Jeff Reese was probably hesitant to really mess with his game mid-season this year, particularly in light of how much he had on his plate besides hockey).

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