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Originally Posted by jlgib21 View Post
I would definately keep Hamr over Spacek, if he cuts his contract in half. I thought Spacek was absolutey putrid in the seemed every time he was on the ice,the B's had a scoring chance.And seeing him lose the puck in his own end to avoid a hit was disgusting. I was praying for Mara to start game 7. When Lucic boarded Spacek,I was thinking no Lucic or Spacek for game 7,and wasn't exactly sad about it.
While I agree that his performance wasnt great, the Habs were asking more out of him than he could possibly deliver at that point.
While I dont think he's worth the contract anymore (3.833 is a bit much for his game), I do think he gets a whole lot more flack and blame than what is deserved to him.
An example is Hal Gill 5 on 5 or Jaro Spacek?
Lotta people will say Gill... and just like that Metamucil commercial... They'd be wrong.

Spacek is a 2 way defender, he can beat oppostions on both ends of the ice. Where it has been mentioned on MORE than one occasion that Gill is a liability 5/5... He's fantastic 5/4 (PK) but does little else to warrant being above Spacek at this point.

Before others say he's a dressing room presence... We've gotta realize that there are a few 'presences' that flat out provide more than he does. Gill has served his time well...

The reason WHY I bring up Gill, is the fact that in many people's eyes Gill > Hamr as well... (which is kind of rediculous... Esp. when you see how much icetime and who against the 2 guys played)

In that list, it definately, to me is:

Gotta give the guy some credit, as he was a + player (highest on the team -- +9), and put up 16 points (which is definately falling off to his Buffalo days)...

He COULD fulfill the # 3 role on this team next year himself, simply due to the fact that he'd be platooning with Emelin (which may actually work out favourably for Spacek)

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