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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
I am critical of Martin because he plays a very passive defense. Boston was able to exploit that defense quite easily. And I catch some grief for being a Martin "hater".
The problem I have with that is that the Habs do generate a large number of scoring chances. They aren't converting, which has been their problem all year, and that's really a matter of luck. But even if you think that it's a failing of the roster, the number of scoring chances tell us their lack of offense is not for a lack of trying.

It's easy to be blinded by the lack of actual goals, but Martin's system is not preventing the players from generating offense. Passive teams simply do not outshoot their opponents, which Montreal did handily especially with the score tied. And the Habs would outright dominate play when trying to come from behind.

Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Along comes Boucher and Tampa. In game 1, they sent in two forecheckers in a very aggressive style of play. They easily beat Boston. Go to game 2 and Boucher goes back to the passive 1-3-1. Boston easily exploits that defensive system and wins.
Do not be blinded by the final score. Tampa dominated game two from end to end, outchancing Boston 2-to-1 throughout. The reason Boston won is that Roloson blew it.

Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Go to the game where Boston took a 3-0 lead and lost it. The big difference was that Tampa ABANDONED its passive 1-3-1 and aggressively forechecked.
Again, the reason Boston had a 3-0 lead at all was that Roloson blew it. The Bruins had three total scoring chances in the first and scored three times (twice on scoring chances and one on a shot that was not a scoring chance). Tampa dominated that game end to end.

The problem is getting blinded by the score. The default assumption is that if a team gets out of a period ahead 3-0, they dominated, and if the other team comes back, something major must have changed. However, in hockey, sometimes the results are divorced from the process, particularly when the goaltending is exceptionally good or bad.

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