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05-29-2011, 08:30 PM
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The $9m was a bit of a bad exageration. Thinking about it a bit more, if I was a GM, I'd do my best to screw over the 29 other GM's.

Lets use PK again. He's young enough that you could offer him a 2 yr $12m contract. Thats $6m per. This would almost guarantee the Habs match it and basically screw them over for the cap.

Then basically make all of these type of offers, that are all slightly overpaid but not too high that the team won't match

Weber $8m x 5 yrs
Stamkos $9.5m x 6 yrs
Doughty $6.25m x 5 yrs
Parise $6.75m x 4 yrs

Basically offer every RFA on the market that isn't reupped a new contract that is $1.5-2m over their value so that the team pretty much is forced to sign that contract. You basically giving every team a $2m cap hit.

Then what you do, is make sure you resign your RFA's before the deadline. Who cares if you piss off 29 GM's. As long as you treat your young players great and with respect, they'll be loyal to the organization and resign with you well ahead of time anyways.

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