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05-30-2011, 09:35 AM
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Originally Posted by KINgGh0sT View Post
Well Gatineau is doing a lot to try and make it more appealing to live in. They are doing a whole downtown revival. I believe this time is going to be the one that actually creates a building. I don't like that they are going smaller venue again. In the playoffs they draw way more then 5k. I have seen people line up in droves to get tickets for Playoff games only to find out they are sold out.
Well... I live here and seriously, for the new downtown revival, you can forget that. Gatineau is not Québec City, this is a civil servant city. This city is suppose to be a place where you can just relax from a Ottawa. You don't want to have big buildings all around the city just like the other side of the river, you just want the city to be quiet. A new arena is great, but don't make it too big, it's useless. Don't build it in the downtown, there is no parking place... and it's too far from Gatineau. The perfect place is the actual site (next to the highway and an important boulevard - Les Allumetières). I hope it's going to be build here and I really hope the project they proposed will work, but I don't think the money will be that easy to get. We asked money to build a new sport place at Gatineau for the Quebec Games and I think they want to build - or they will build - a 2 ice rink in Gatineau, too, soon. So...... I don't think the government will like the fact that we ask for money again...

Anyway, we'll see...

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