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05-30-2011, 10:55 AM
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Some take-aways:

They are wrapping up their first phase of off-season conditioning.

Bailey talked about how it may sound like a cliche, but the guys really can't wait to get back together and they are a tight room.

Calls Snow Garth, and says he knows what he's doing.

Haley talked about how they didn't want to use injuries to Okposo, Streit and Weight as excuses, but they couldn't overcome them.

Haley: The team hasn't made it clear if he'll be back, but he's planning on being there. "I don't have a spot to lose, but a spot to earn. If someone's looking to take it from me, I'm going to make it tough for them."

The hosts talked about the history and the banners in the arena. Bailey talked about the pictures and meeting the players and what they can take from those guys and how the fans are hungry for the success they previously experienced.

The host talked about how fans on the road take the Isles' lightly, but the Isles come in and beat the hell out of them. Bailey on being made fun of for being Islanders: "We love it. Ever since that Pittsburgh game, it's been clearer how people view us and we're tighter than ever."

Re: Kevin Connolly: "He's a great guy. He was on a road trip, in the hallways and in the room, and the rumor was he was on the bench. He did everything with us."

Host called Matt Martin "a little *******" and that he's hard to like if you aren't playing with him, based on his OHL play. Haley references DiBenedetto in the same way.

Bailey said he never thought about playing NCAA hockey, that OHL was his only interest.

Both guys are looking for a long finals series. Bailey: tough to not pick VAN, but you can't go against Boston. Haley just hopes it goes to game 7.

As far as playing on the road, Isles-Rangers in MSG is still the biggest rush. "Those are the games you pick out on the calendar."

Most of the second half of the interview was about playing in juniors and the teammates they played with, and the teams in the playoffs.

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