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05-30-2011, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by otto bond View Post
Gomez is a decent player with a terrible contract coming off a terrible season. For some reason, people think he's gonna get dump with asset just for the shake of getting dump.
He is part of the leadership core for the habs and has done wonders for team spirit and team chemistry. The only think wrong with Gomez is the money he gets via his numbers offensively.
By no means I say he's worth the money he's got but what I do say is that he has value....may not be every team's dream to get him but there are suitable team and Dallas could be one of them. I see Florida and Columbus has other potential destination or even the Atlanta/Winnipeg. One thing is for sure, Montreal will buy out/ bury his contract before giving up asset along with him to some other team.

NO. Columbus has THREE top-6 centers. Four if Johansen makes the team. We do not and never have wanted Gomez. Ever. Even when he was a Ranger we did not want him. STOP IT.

Do I have to start invading the Montreal forums for people to actually get this through their heads?

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