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Originally Posted by EroCaps View Post
The problem is not with the systems or the Xs and Os. It's the mental make-up up the team and culture fostered in the dressing room. The Caps PP didn't go from #1 to whatever it was because they all the sudden forgot how to execute it or teams learned how to stop it after 2 years. They simply didn't work hard enough and several players appeared unfocused and out of shape.

If Bruce is back at all McPhee is incompetent, imo.

Boudreau should already be gone and GMGM should be the one on the hot seat at this point. It's pathetic.
I have to disagree with you there. There is a huge X ad O factor and system factor. Why it worked in the past and not now goes back to teams adjusting. You could actually see glimpses of the problems we might have in the 2009-2010 season when PK units would pressure the puck. We struggled against those PKers. Last season that became the blueprint for shutting down the PP. The assumption is that the Caps would not move the puck fast enough or get guys into open space well enough to offset that. And they were right. In these playoffs, I'm not sure I saw us once use a guy in the slot on the PP, either for a one-timer or as simply a passing option.

All of the Bruce comparisons are slowly falling apart. McCullough, Julien, etc. have all had superior playoff success in the same time frame with their current team.

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