Thread: Speculation: Gormley piece: Carle v. Leino?
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05-30-2011, 05:30 PM
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Originally Posted by VanSciver View Post
I'm against trading Carle. The reasons being the following. The Flyers have two 37 year old defenseman who are showing signs of physical decline. One of them , Pronger, just had major back surgery, and it is possible that he could not be ready to start the Season. If you trade Carle, were back in the spot of where they were on 09/10. With a suspect 3rd pair. Timonen and Pronger would also wind up having their minutes extended, which could lead to overuse, wearing them down. And if Carle is traded, and one of the remaining top 4 of Pronger, Timonen, Coburn, and Meszaros would get a significant injury, then what does your D look like?

The area to create cap space from is from the Forwards spot in my opinion. And I wouldn't trade Carter or Richards.
I'd go after a Babchuk/Hejda kind of guy for about $2.25 million. Babchuk is solid defensively and has a booming shot from the point, while Hejda is a good defensive guy who'll be pretty physical. Basically a guy that's a little more defensive than Carle so that he can either pair with Gustafson, who'll need a defensive partner, or Meszaros, who'll then be able to go for his hits.

Originally Posted by go david krejci 430 View Post
It doesn't mean we have to have a suspect 3rd pair. With some good coaching and managing, there's no reason that a #5 defender on a contending team has to make more than $2.25M. And that's still a lot.

Carle at that price would be just fine, but he's not. For his defensive shortcomings, it would be ok if he was a 50-point defenseman, like guys such as Ehrhoff or Wisniewski, but he's not. Doesn't help his case that he is a black hole on the power play. This is just too much to bank on his offensive production at even strength.

Trade Carle, probably let Leino walk unless he comes in between $2.3-$2.5. And go hard after Wisniewski, he would be the perfect guy to put in the lineup and take the load off Pronger and Timonen
Wisniewski is going to get a lot more than Carle. Wouldn't be surprised if a desperate team threw $5 million+ at him.

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