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10-16-2003, 06:55 PM
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Game Review

I only caught the last half of the second and all of the third, but I saw some good things tonight:

1. I like the new lines. Torres on the 1st line? I wouldn't have thought of that.

2. Smyth played his best game of the season so far

3. Dvorak played his best game of the season so far

4. MAB was a little psycho hobbit out there. He really gives 'er out there, there's no doubt about that. Once he learns a little more about the NHL game, I could see him as a quality #4 PP specialist. Notice how he was out in the last minute of the game? Yeah, we were up 4-1, but still...

5. Conks. Wow. He's better than Salo at finding the puck amidst a bunch of legs when it's lying on the ice. Solid puckhandling skills as well.
I like his gamesmanship...he seems to be focused, intense, and has some desire. Good find for the Oil...he has potential, even though he's a really late bloomer.


Ray Ferraro was simply excellent tonight. He even sounds a little like Simmer. Great comments, very astute. He has a really good "color voice", and I think he is a fantastic addition to Sportsnet.

Good job Ray.

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