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05-30-2011, 09:29 PM
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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
That has been going on for years, even pre-JT. I don't think they will ever address it.

I'll give you my ideal, but I sincerely doubt it will happen so you can get an idea of the gist of what I consider ideal for the Sharks. Move Heatley out. Get a lefty two-way dman who can handle top pairing matchups. Pair the TWD with Demers and if not Demers, Boyle. Braun or White for the third righty or even pair them as two righties. Get someone like Cole for your speed/forecheck and get Leino or someone like him for your 3rd puck controller behind Clowe/Thornton. This is an ideal, not that I would expect it to happen.

I am not going all speed. Marleau has it and will pop the odd goal because of it but he does not handle first forecheck duty that well. When I delineate the spots, I agree that all of the guys need to do a bit of other things. I am only looking at primary responsibilities where they can be top 3 on the team in that category.

One other minor reminder. On proposed acquisitions, particularly forwards, look at playoff history. If they have been around a bit and don't produce in the playoffs, expect that to continue. That is something that rarely turns around.
Your first point doesn't change what I said, It's still a coaching or player issue, and if that's true then adding a new player won't change anything.

As far as your ideal is concerned, you're right in saying it will likely never happen. There is no such thing as an perfect team, but GMs strive to get their rosters as close as they can get. At this point we have to accept Heatley and what he brings to the team, despite him not being the perfect fit. On the bright side, the team could do much worse. It was obvious he was hurting late in the season and during the playoffs, so if he can stay healthy I'm sure he'll contribute more.

I agree the Sharks need a winger or two with speed to contribute on the forecheck, but I believe the Sharks have more pressing issues at hand. Puck-moving defense is the most important, and I believe a puck controlling forward is second in priority. If the Sharks have room to add speed with whatever cap space they have left, then they should go for it and make the team more complete, but I think it's the least important among their big concerns.

As far as acquisitions go, I'm not knowledgeable enough of players around the league to make realistic proposals, and most posters on the boards are in the same boat. Big names or big market players often come up in these proposals but they are highly unlikely and unreasonable. Luckily I'm not the GM or management so I don't have to worry about it too much.

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