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05-31-2011, 06:56 AM
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Originally Posted by trentmccleary View Post
I don't understand these constant threads suggesting bringing completely replaceable players to Ottawa, who do nothing to move the organization forward.

Ruutu is a 28 yo, 2nd liner making $3.8M per who is a UFA next summer.

We don't need 2nd liners because:
- we don't enough enough 1st liners for them to matter.
- we have a tonne of 2nd liner prospects.

We don't need expensive 28 yo's because:
- the ones being suggested aren't good enough to build around.
- they may not be around through a couple of free agencies until we're competitive.
- we may be looking to dump them for cap space in a few years --> young players contract renewals.

Also, I'd kind of like to see what Murray does with that 1st rounder. On average, there's only a 20% chance that the 21st pick becomes a 2nd liner or better... but with 18 & 16, Murray's gotten Karlsson and Rundblad.

I'd rather see how this plays out than acquire who'll make us better when we should be bad and probably be a bad value contract when we should be good.
I don't see Ruutu as one of the constant forwards how we bring.

Yes, he is physical, but he is also a point producer. He can play all 3 forward positions, and seems to be a regular 50-60 point man if he stays healthy.

In regards to your comment about prospects, I really don't see where you're coming from. Caporusso isn't likely to be a part of the team any time soon, if at all, and Silfverberg is just as likely to be a 3rd liner as he is a 2nd or 1st. Ruutu's versatility adds another dimension to why I think he is an interesting player to target.

Let's say we drafted Landeskog and wanted him to play right away.


Let's say we drafted Couturier and wanted him to play right away.


Oops, Alfie got injured, we drafted Strome and he's in the O.


Trent, you're my favourite poster on these boards, but I disagree with you here. I think Tuomo Ruutu and similar players are who we should be looking at. It seems like not so long ago we had a plethora of 50 point players, but this year the player with the 3rd most points was Foligno with like 34. This team needs these types of all around players to build around.

I do agree with the free agency point though. I would want to either add conditional picks based on him re-signing, or have a deal in place if a trade was ever to take place.

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