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05-31-2011, 07:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Manked View Post
Yes, he is physical, but he is also a point producer. He can play all 3 forward positions, and seems to be a regular 50-60 point man if he stays healthy.
Yes, a valuable piece for a contender... which we won't be for quite some time.

Originally Posted by Manked View Post
In regards to your comment about prospects, I really don't see where you're coming from. Caporusso isn't likely to be a part of the team any time soon, if at all, and Silfverberg is just as likely to be a 3rd liner as he is a 2nd or 1st. Ruutu's versatility adds another dimension to why I think he is an interesting player to target.
1st line (primary scorers): Spezza & Alfie, hopefully our top pick this year at some point in the future. Alfie and the #6 pick will likely never be good at the same time... it's not even useful to consider them two separate players.

Potential 2nd liners (secondary scorers): Michalek, Regin, Foligno, Butler, Silfverberg, DaCosta, Greening, Hoffman, Grant, Sorenson, Stone, Petersson, etc... I don't even care who makes it, there are so many that 2 or 3 probably will.

Silfverberg is as likely to be a 3rd liner as he is a 1st liner... the much more likely scenario at this point looks like 2nd liner.

Originally Posted by Manked View Post
Let's say we drafted Landeskog and wanted him to play right away.


Let's say we drafted Couturier and wanted him to play right away.

99% of 18 yo's don't belong in the NHL and certainly not on the top-2 lines of an NHL team.

I see no reason to force the team into being better for the two years Alfie has remaining. I would personally love the team to be great and see him go out on a high note... but our prospects aren't even close to filling all of the key roles we need filled.

We're going to miss the playoffs next year, maybe the year after as well. Ruutu will do nothing whatsoever to change that, he'll just make our draft picks worse and cost us two pretty solid rebuilding pieces... before we lose him to UFA or have to dump his salary in 4-5 years when we are contending.

Originally Posted by Manked View Post
Trent, you're my favourite poster on these boards, but I disagree with you here. I think Tuomo Ruutu and similar players are who we should be looking at. It seems like not so long ago we had a plethora of 50 point players, but this year the player with the 3rd most points was Foligno with like 34. This team needs these types of all around players to build around.
The organization needs to develop the players they have at all positions for all roles around Spezza and a few others. In terms of needs, it badly needs 1st line players to lead the offense. We have Spezza and nothing else. Alfie is 38, the 6th overall is a crapshoot, none of other prospects are likely 1st liners and need to fill two spots along with Spezza.

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