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05-31-2011, 08:21 AM
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I would definitely not mind to get Tim Erixon.

If David Rundblad was on the table, I would start throwing "core" pices out there in "proposals". Cause he has potential elite PP ability.

In terms of overall skill level, I would compare Tim Erixon to Fedor Tyutin. In terms of PP style, Edler of Vancouver can also be mentioned. He is in that neighboorhood. Toots never established himself on the PP in the NHL -- but I was always puzzled by that. He had the ability, but just didn't take the opertunity he was given. He struggled. Edler is a kid who basically is as talented as Toots, but a player who took the opertunity he was given and now is a solid PPQB (33 pts in 55 games this season for Van).

If we got Rundblad, I would be very confident that he had it in him to become a solid NHL PPQB, I would raise small questionmarks as regards his overall game/defense, but no big worries. With Erixon I would raise fewer questionmarks about his ability to become a solid NHLer, but I am not sold on him becomming like a 40-45+ pts PPQB in the NHL. But you never know (see Edler for example). He also have potential. Look at kids liek Letang and Enström. I mean, these guys aren't super talented, but they are smart and just gets it done so well in the NHL. Erixon is also darn smart. Its not about raw ability, its about stepping out there and embracing the NHL game, the pace, the pressure.

No matter what you would get a valuble asset. I am not sure what CAL's asking price is, but notwithstanding what you pay, you take him to the NHL and get him some experience, and you could always swing him in another deal for the same worth we got for Toots which is very high. Probably worth more then a half late 1st round pick.

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