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05-31-2011, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Guilliam View Post
I think Markov, Gill and Gorges are enough for veteran presence on the backend.

Exactly. Price in net, Markov, Subban, Gorges, Gill on D is a playoff team.
If you want a winning team, you'll consider Markov and Subban as your #1 and 2, and Gorges and Gill as your #5-6, not as 3-4.

Spacek is a redundance of the 5-6 position.

Weber has nice upside, but falls in the 6-7th category, but at least, he has been used as a winger and didn't do so bad, so they'll probably juggle with him a bit.

Emelin has ZERO north american experience, so you count him as 7th.

Diaz will probably start in the AHL.

And all that is just based on what you should expect from these players in normal play (Gorges and Gill could easily get overused playing 2nd pairing time ALL season long, and what happens if Markov falls?), but doesn't count what we'll need. We need to solidify the 2nd pairing. We also need to add some size.

Signing Gill doesn't mean Hamr is gone. People who believe that are making an extremely premature conclusion, simplistic at that. He might not come back, but signing Gill doesn't mean we don't have place for Hamr, we actually need to either sign him back or find a suitable replacement, and neither Emelin nor Gill, nor Gorges fit the bill.

Hamr is still a stop gap solution for the 2nd pairing.

After all these years of seeing how this management operates, how they invision the D squad... it should be evident that they won't start with Emelin on the top 4, and neither with Gorges nor Gill.

Originally Posted by cap10bfl View Post
we need a number 3 defenseman now and another top 6 forward with size, with hopefully a bottom 6 guy with grit and size to replace pouliot...

number 3 defenseman: wiz? hammer for 1 more year? bieksa?
Finally someone who sees clearly.

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