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05-31-2011, 05:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Pierre Jr View Post
My thinking when pairing Emelin with Markov was not about language (at least not at first). I simply thought that they would be a good match of size and skill. I also thought about balancing the pairings in such a way where there wasn't an obvious weak link. Almost anyone with Spacek would be weak, except for maybe Subban, which is why would pair the two together. Than Gill and Gorges because they already have chemistry to begin with.

All this would be different if Weber was definitely in, and Spacek definitely 7th D. Then i would pair Emelin with Weber, and Subban with Markov. Spacek just messes everything up for me, or more precisely, Martin unwillingness to admit that Weber is better and that he should play him instead, despite the salary disparity.
I agree with your analysis here.

Weber in general was more stable back there than Spacek was, or I should say more stable on a regular basis. Spacek's best games we're better, but his worst games we're way worst as well. The majority of the posters on this forum continue to disregard Weber as anything more than a 4th line forward of 7th/8th defenseman because he's not "big enough/tough enough/doesn't fit our needs". Fact is, he's been good in a #6 role and with a little bit of mentoring from a guy like Gill he can make the next step. He has fantastic offensive instincts and just because his goal numbers haven't matched his AHL/Junior success doesn't mean he's a bust, he's playing extremely safe in fear of the eventuality of his benching. The same problem that plagued Subban around December. He still posted 11 pts in 41 games (22pts over 82 games pro-rated is decent for a rookie D-man playing about 16 minutes a game. His playoff contributions although small in sample tell a good story of what he can contribute. His positioning is very good already, his first pass is good, his skating is great, he's decent along the boards despite his small stature.

I am high on Weber and I'm not scared to throw it out there, under no circumstances do I think he has the kind of upside that Subban does, but I do believe he can be a good #4-5 defenseman in the long haul. I can't believe people would suggest he become trade fodder at the young age of 22 years old (23 at puck drop in October). Why? So we can try and sign Bieksa at a severe overpayment because of his playoff contributions? So we can land Ehrhoff, again, at an overpayment? I can see the arguement in wanting to keep Wisniewski, but it depends on the tradeoff. Wisniewski at 5M? I'd rather have Weber at 1M and use the other 4M on a guy like Laich to bolster the Top 6/9 at the forward position.

We need to stop trading our young players just as they are coming into their own and their values are minimal!!!

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