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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
... the extent to which your various aliases voted for each other should probably be better known before any decisions are made.
1. Both times I won the MLD championship were years before that (co-GMships with Nayld Psycho and Hockey Outsider) when I had outsiders administer the voting process (BM67 the first time and JohnFlyersFan the second time). I didn't count votes myself because I wanted a fair, impartial process.
2. I voted with ZM or VI but not with both except I believe the one time the ZM team was not getting any respect (a regretful impulsive mistake). Nothing came of it.
3. I never at any time intended to cheat anyone out of anything. I've always thought the draft should be about the drafting of players itself, appreciating historical figures one digs up info on.
4. I'll only participate to the degree that you unanimously agree to. One objection of course ought to be enough to nix my participation. I'm hoping those who join MLD might allow my limited involvement. A respected veteran GM has already contacted me to be involved and I'll accept in the capacity to which I am allowed.

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