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05-31-2011, 06:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Teemu View Post
Runs fine on mine, although resolution is a small issue

Cities XL 2011 just went on sale for $10 on Steam, so I'll give it a shot
One recommendation, when placing your rows of buildings, don't use the giant square them individually. You can't upgrade the streets in the giant blocks (well, you CAN, but not enough to be helpful), and traffic becomes a big headache later on in the game.

When you want to upgrade your roads, you will find yourself demolishing a ton of buildings to do so. Although, I suppose this is akin to real life as well

Traffic is actually one of my biggest gripes for the backs up a lot, everywhere, and it's tough to address it without demolishing a ton of stuff and pissing off a bunch of people in your city. Not to mention, you don't unlock highways and freeways until you have a somewhat sizable city. The citizens also don't utilize public transportation very well.

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