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05-31-2011, 11:46 PM
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Been lurking for a few months and figured I should finally get around to registering.

Name: Jon

Age: 24

Location: MD

Favorite Team(s): The Flyers go without saying--my first true favorite of any sports team. Caps are my general backup team due to being surrounded by bandwagoners. I had a soft spot for the Thrashers as I'd been to a game or two down there.

Most Hated Team(s): Penguins. Steelers. Pretty much anything related to Pittsburgh.

Favorite Player(s): Giroux, Bob, Briere, JVR; Carlson; Miller

Most Hated Player(s): Crosby. Avery.

Flyers fan since: The 96-97 season. First and only playoff game I've ever been to was the one game we lost to Buffalo in round 2. Hated Buffalo from them 'til recently (this eventually melted due to Miller's performance in the 2010 Olympics. Barely-- May 9 1997: Never forget.) Kept following the Flyers after I moved from Philly, but really got back into them when I was able to make it to a few games while I was in college nearby in Delaware. Mostly head to DC now to get jeered at by the locals whenever the Flyers come to town and I'm not working.

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