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Originally Posted by Poozer View Post
Ha no. I didn't learn to skate until I was in college (24 now, played for 3 years). I can entirely hold my own at this point.. against other beer leaguers. Every minute's been a blast though.

My wrist shot is about 100x better then all of my other skills, I'm really unsure as to why, it was the one part of hockey that came entirely naturally to me... really bothers some people who I play with though.
Heh...similar. I'm 24 also, been playing for years when I was younger, now mostly on and off so the skills have gone away a bit.

"Scouting Report": OK skater with decent north/south speed and balance, but poor agility and east/west. A very good wrist shot and an inconsistent slap shot (but when it's good it's really good). Above average passer but below average stickhandler. Above average body checker when I hit which is inconsistent. Very responsible defensively, play the angles well, and go to the right places. Slightly below average size though. Versatile, can play any forward position.

Prospect Grade: 0.5 D

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