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06-01-2011, 12:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Payinthedues View Post
For me it's a little different, I have been a Flyers fan since 81 when I lived in the area. After moving to Atlanta in 87 I still followed the flyers til 98 when Atlanta was given the franchise then I took the Thrashers as #1. I have attended roughly 30 home games a year since

As for any "natural process" would you feel if the Flyers got moved (almost overnight) to Jackson Mississippi? I assure you that you'd be a bit pissed. I am still friends with many of the staff and players but I cannot support the team.
Ahhh, I got ya... coming back to your roots.

I wasn't aware and was really asking those Thrashers fans who were looking for a new number one team... I see being pissed when an organization leaves you high and dry, but IMO the anger shouldn't be directed at the players or team bu rather the people who sold you out by allowing the team to be moved -- inexcusable in almost all circumstances IMO -- I can understand distaste for people who would take a city's team away and give it to heir city though... and I suppose I could understand not wanting to support those people and their relocated team, but I'd just have a problem with cutting ties with the players and basic team itself.

Again, not judging, mere curiosity... I wish the thrashers fans the best no matter where they end up. As a kid I was upset when the Warriors left Philly... I was way too young to remember the Athletics move to KC... but with the Warriors I do remember concern, although I was too young to really delve deep into it. When Brahman (sp?) almost got away with a Midnight Eagles move to Arizona it really never sunk in since it was thwarted. I guess I would pray for quick replacement... but I would find it hard to cut loose ties to the current Flyers roster, no matter how pissed I would be at the people responsible -- never Snider, certainly never Snider.

Thanks for the response.

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