Thread: Speculation: Brad Richards News Part II
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06-01-2011, 03:11 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Dallas is going to offer Richards $64M? Please stop. Who is going to authorize that?

Gaglardi might not even end up with the team. What does Richards do then? He's left holding his dick in his hand looking like an idiot. If Gaglardi gets the team in July or August,how much money is Dallas going to spend on payroll? These are decisions which need to be made way before July 1. Richards made a comment after the season about going up against teams in the West which spend to the upper limit and Dallas spends to the floor. Why should put his future in Gaglardi's hands when he doesn't even know him?. Richards has been patient here waiting for the lenders to get their act together.
Look I don't know.

I am following your reports with great excitement (as always they are invaluble!!!) and I indeed think they are good news.

Do we know that another buyer can come during a 30/60 day period? Or is it just for the creditors?

I am still not absolutely convinced that Dallas is off the list. Like I wouldn't rule out the possibility of everyone knowing before the process is over if you get what I mean. I am afraid that things could start to move after the SPA is officially signed.

Realistically, people do not want to move. And if Dallas would go for it, Dallas is a very good position for Brad Richards.

I want to point out though that I certainly do not know that its not the other way around either, that its still a complete cluster pfhk or maybe this Giligardi is a complete joke or whatever, I don't have a clue.

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