Thread: Speculation: Brad Richards News Part II
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06-01-2011, 04:58 AM
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“My goal over the next 30 days is to make sure that [GM] Joe [Nieuwendyk] has a budget he can work with,” Tavares said. “Joe has the authority now to go out and interview coaches. He and I will get together on the final decision. We need to be able to function in a normal fashion. As long as we do that, I am OK.”
Budgets? The lenders are still paying the bills and establishing the budget.

Tony Tavares isn't sure when Gaglardi will complete a purchase agreement with the lenders

“We got a little sidetracked the last week to ten days or so. These are complicated deals and it’s not unusual for that to happen,” Tavares said. “But we seem to be completely back on track and I am ever more optimistic about getting something done here with ownership. As for an exact date, I can’t tell you because when you have as many lawyers as we have involved in this process right now, it takes longer than you want it too. Hopefully we can be more instructive over the next few weeks as to what is going on.
Few weeks?That is what the Globe and Mail reported yesterday. Bettman apparently made some comments and he also said "weeks". The Dallas Morning News reported by the end of the week(maybe)but that seems optimistic.

Today is June 1. Free agency begins 4 weeks from this Friday. Look at the calendar. The team has to be sold to Gaglardi. Submit the package to the bankruptcy court. The judge determines how long the process will take. Other bidders can submit their offers. Schedule court dates. Adjournments.

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