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06-01-2011, 05:06 AM
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WOW some people forget and some were just not old enough.

Expos? NO
Baseball? NO

Mtl did all that, people forget just why the attendance went down to less then 4000. Over the years of the Expos it became clear that the entire Baseball system was tilted to the big 4-6 US teams. No Salary Cap...
Every year the very best stars of the Expos would get an offer 3-4 times what the Expos could offer. The Expos became a farm team for the big 6.
In the last years of the Expos they were promised a BIG change in Baseball, a cap, a level playing field for all teams.
Lies, lies and more US lies. The proof you ask? well it's still NOT done.
Baseball in Canada is a great sport. It's NOT Canada's game but it's a great game. Canadians would support any sport that is played fair.
MLB is NOT fair. It is totally controlled by the BIG 6 and they buy all the best players every year.
As long as Baseball ( MLB) is run this way, I don't want it, I don't even watch it free on my TV, why the heck should I. Why should I watch a game that 6 teams has a 80% chance to win right off the bat, every game, every year.
Add to this the drugs????????? the liers????????????????????
The cover ups?????????????? The entire MLB system is designed to get you to cough up MONEY. Why does MLB stop short of the ultimate game. Just invite all the teams to a BIG auction, watch the NYY out bid everybody and then award them the world series, all this without any game being played at all. A one day event, that's it, then get the heck off my TV.

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