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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
As much as many of us were Expos fans, played little league, even higher levels and (not me) realllly loved baseball, I think the result would be the same -- pathetic attendance. We've had great success with the Als and I may be hasty in drawing this conclusion, but for a city who revolves around a team in a fast-paced sport, I just can't see the big-O getting even half filled for a decent portion of the season to make it profitable.

Growing up I went to a lot of 'spos games, but even I lost the desire to go and even moreso in baseball at all. This is obviously just my opinion, but I'm trying to paint it against what the true facts were about attendance in the years prior to them leaving and on a team with the league's best hitter and really not to shabby a lineup. Now that I temporarily (plz) live in the TO area, I see that Jays fans are numerous and actually do have a huge contingent that care. Maybe it's their more American nature, who knows? It WOULD be great to have the Expos back (god knows they've sold more merchandise since they left, and probably in cities that didn't even know the expos existed...odd no?...the power of "vintage"), but I don't think it would make sense for the owners financially.

Maybe I'm wrong and there would be a resurgence. I for one cannot watch baseball anymore. I'd care about the Expos, but I wouldn't watch. Habs...every practice I scrutinize.

Also, doesn't a return necessitate either an expansion or a failing MLB team? Is that the case?

Just so we're clear: I think there are LOTS of baseball fans in MTL. Just not enough.
There's quite the big difference between playing at McGill stadium and playing at the Olympic Stadium.

There's always been an issue with the location and the stadium itself just being plain old ****.

If it were in downtown Montreal I highly doubt a ton of seats don't sell especially at the prices they were selling them at.

I don't think it would be the same. I don't think it would be a complete turn around though like some people think, but at least I think the team would do okay. I'd also be happy with just getting an expansion team rather than a team moving here. Either way I still think Montreal can and would support a baseball team, just not at the Olympic stadium.

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