Thread: Value of: Scott Hartnell to St. Louis
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06-01-2011, 02:14 PM
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Immediate responses you're going to get are: "We want Oshie" so I'm not sure why you keep running these trade ideas up the flag pole, but I guess that's what this forum is for. Still the replies you get are comical (like the Rags fan who wanted Chris Stewart in exchange for a 3rd line center) so I guess that's something. No fan is going to give you the response you want, which is "yeah you can have him for Della Rovere and your 2 second round picks" or something along those lines. You have already said that you are aware the Blues are not giving up a "core piece" (esp. for someone with a price tag like Hartnell) and yet that is what the other teams fans keep asking for. Nobody is going to say "sure, have this guy for a couple of picks" unless the player in question is a Chris Drury/Wade Redden type with just an albatross of a contract in which case the Blues have zero interest.

I just get the feeling you're trying to get something "on the cheap" and other teams fans keep asking for the moon where St.Louis is concerned. Watch how many "we want Oshie" responses you get... then maybe you'll move on. I figured the Coburn thread would have given you an indication that you're not going to get a productive player for anything less than a good return - and as I said, we both know the Blues aren't trading core pieces anytime soon - and yet all the responses you'll get are going to be for core component players like Berglund and Oshie. Just watch...

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