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Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
Really..when Holmgren says I don't know, it is what it is, what are you going to do, we'll see how it goes etc. I've seen some legit questions being asked in pressers...again I think people are generalizing a bit too much about what the media is not doing. Far from perfect but that is the same on the other side too. I repeat shared responsibility by the players, media, management and pundits alike to stick to the facts as Cronkite used to say...
Holmgren has given extremely informative answers and these idiots are incapable of really getting at what it is he says. A few years back he announced publicly that he had to sit down with his coach and demand that he come up with a real forechecking scheme. That's a friggin whopper. Did anyone bother to really write about that? Nope.

This is after Mike Knuble announced publicly that the team didn't PRACTICE 5 on 6 defense until the season was 3/4 done.

Mike Richards publicly called out Paul Holmgren cap management and the negative impact it had on the team, which Holmgren subsequently all but agreed with. Much written about that, or hard critical analysis of Holmgren's job performance in general? Nope.

A month later Holmgren opined that the young players were out drinking too much -- this "frat house" meme that has taken over -- did the writers jump all over that? Yep.

All of this without getting into the fact that Holmgren's "I don't know," "it is what it is," etc. are *ing news pieces as well. Not nearly enough was made of the Randy Jones fiasco when Holmgren publicly admitted that he'd just played roulette with the team's cap flexibility that he'd spent all summer creating, and had been the mandate coming out of the previous season.

There are plenty of news stories, and plenty of quotes... the media just doesn't write about 'em.

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