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Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
Nope nothing I said suggests I'm ignoring the current crop or crap in some people's eyes of Philly reporters. Although you did use the term "kind of" so not sure how you can criticize me on something where I'm talking about shared responsibility on the part of all the stakeholder's for the benefit of the fan? I'm aware of the flaws I just don't want to focus emotionally on berating one particular side of the equation. Heck if people want to focus on just the media's shortcomings that is their deal.. I don't particularly agree with that angle nor condone the response from the other side whether one thinks it is warranted or not.
What did the players do to sour the relationship? That's the problem here. This isn't about players refusing to get interviewed and all that jazz. The media very clearly created a negative environment with key members of this team, and they now wonder why those guys aren't all that thrilled to interact with 'em. Ask the Canadian folk, by all accounts Richards is a completely different guy dealing with the Canadian media.

That suggests that the problems with Richards is not his supposed personality deficiencies (which Holmgren in his infinite *ing wisdom bandied out there after this season), but something specific to his interactions with the media here in Philly.

Timmeh P has been a jackass for years, and a juvenile one at that.

The reality is that the problem is two-fold.

1) The media should have realized that spending their time writing and asking about the players drinking habits, etc. was the wrong tree to be barking up if they wanted to maintain a positive professional relationship with key members of this team. Seriously, if you were to post in a public domain impugning someone you had a business relationship and all but calling them an alcoholic... would you expect your professional relationship to continue? Cuz that's what the media expects.

2) The organization completely mishandled this situation by not backing up the players. Some criticism of the team is completely fair, but Holmgren going out there and babbling about the players drinking habits (again, he's not a reliable source on this type of stuff), not calling out he media to focus on hockey, and most recently suggesting that Richards has a deficient personality when it comes to public interactions... just encourages the media.

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