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Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
I've never really questioned the valid personal grievances of the players although I still don't agree with how they react emotionally but everybody is human. The problem to me is the focus on this distracting personal BS as I've expressed with respect to it being a red herring and a crutch for some and how it prevents the fans from getting answers on the root issues. Not sure how else I can express this. I just don't see it as completely a media problem..I think it takes two to tango and I see things from the other side I don't agree with. You suggest as much by bringing up Holmgren and how he doesn't help matters with his big mouth when he actually does say something. Actually, I bet he prefers to talk about the Richards "crap" as he's referred to it more than he lets on b/c he deflects from some of the harder questions that do get asked of him and he uses his defence mechanism tag lines. I just don't see it as black and white.
Nothing is black and white in life. At the same time, the threads that lead to Richards' rupture with the media are relatively clear, IMO. We know the exact sequence of events that led to him getting ticked off with the media and shutting down on 'em. Hell, we know the date when he decided enough was enough.

10 October 2009.

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