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10-16-2003, 08:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Hemmer
Peters is supposed to be pretty tough too, but he's just a rookie...and he most definitely bit off more than he could chew on this one.
Isn't that the case for all who take on BG?

As for the Torres-Smyth-Hemsky line... holy mother F#*@er!!!!! And you know Smyth didn't even play THAT great.... it was the two super duper kids!!! They complimented each other PERFECT!!!!! to me they looked like they played together in college or something (I know, neither attended it). But I tell ya, if we could keep those two together and put in a guy like Reasoner provide the defense (and still help with the offense) They could be SUCH a great line. I think Smyth works well with them though stilll.... very good puck control. Torres and Smyth on the boards, and Hemsky in a too-too on MJ sneakers and a ringette stick is scary (much less if Ales has normal equip ) I'd like to see this vs the Avs:
Isbister-Horcoff-Laraque / Chimera-Stoll-Dvorak

The reason I put the two second lines side by side is because I'd expect them to see equal ice time.... Get Pisani out of there though - God he's a waste of space (ya, ya, he got a goal tonight, but I would have scored that one too).

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