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06-01-2011, 04:41 PM
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I lived in Nashville for a year and a half, and right when the "nastiness" was going down. Was exclusively a Thrashers fan, so all the talk about the Preds moving didn't cut me to the bone like it did all of you.
But I remember what it felt like to lose the Flames, and I felt horrible for the fans there having to possibly go through that.

Now I get to go through it yet again. Nobody said life was fair, but this is way too much for any fan.

Still, when I can stomach watching hockey again, I'll make the trip up to NashVegas. I honestly do miss living up there. And even though my favorite watering hole there closed a couple months ago (why does everything I love keep going away, RIP Mulligan's), I'm sure the Flying Saucer and Dan McGuinness are still available. Always liked those two as well.

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