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06-01-2011, 06:58 PM
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Did DL go to Penner first? That is where the question sits for me and it isn't possible to know the answer so there ya go. If he had been saying the same thing to Penner that he has said about him in the media then that is that.

My question rests with rather or not DL has stepped into the locker room and said these things (or had him in his office) or has he simply decided to let the media represent his feelings. One way is fine to me the other is what I see as a cowardly act.

I would have to think that DL and Penner had their post season meeting and that something along the lines of what he (dl) has said to the media was said in person.

But until DL levels the *exact* same amount of criticism at his head coach that he has his players his motive's will be suspect to me.

TM supporter or not it is hard to justify where TM has lived up to DL's model of constant improvement or at least not to the same level that he holds his players up to. If DL is going to talk about his criticisms of his players to the media then he dang well should do the same with his entire staff.

At least that is what makes sense to me.

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