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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
... TM supporter or not it is hard to justify where TM has lived up to DL's model of constant improvement or at least not to the same level that he holds his players up to. If DL is going to talk about his criticisms of his players to the media then he dang well should do the same with his entire staff.

At least that is what makes sense to me.
The team has improved leaps and bounds statistically and on the ice as far as team defense goes, at least imho. They still have a ways to go to bring it consistently but when they play right they can lock it down. So that's a big deal to me.

Team defense is always the hardest thing to teach and imprint because elite NHLer's (and they all elite athletes to me) grow up on talent and that usually means offensive talent. Hard to change those read and react instincts.... Now, two to three years for that to get to a consistent playoff winning level is ok with me. So, I see the D system pretty much ready to go.

Now, the offensive side is another thing.... but it could be as simple as DL / TM building from the goal out while waiting for that offensive talent to ripen in juniors and the minors. By the time the D side team system is in place and hard wired, you can bring up the rookies an put them in a place where they have solid D and goalies to back them up while they learn and screw up....

Your mileage may vary.... but this year will tell a lot about Murray's ability to move forward with the offense.

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