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06-01-2011, 07:56 PM
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Don't you know 620? Only how far you have gone in the playoffs count and TM didn't get any further this year then he did last year.

To me TM isn't a good coach due to the fact that he loses control of his team and for as long as he has been there he still has bench penalties happen all too often for my taste. That said, I agree with what you are saying regarding this coming season and am giving TM a slight break because of how many kids we have had in the line up this past season and also this coming season.

I just want to see DL hold TM to the same type of scrutiny in the media that he does some of the players on the team.

As for DL's expectations I think that they should be in line with my own in that if we don't at least make it past the first round this coming year that it will have been a serious failure on our part and that we will need to start making some serious changes. Though I can't imagine a scenario where we don't at least make it past the first round barring injuries.

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