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Originally Posted by Zack Ryder View Post
He is trolling, not any particular fan base, but he's a shock jock, he really is. He has controversial opinions to instigate fans, whether he truly believes a lot of what he's saying is open for debate, but he's definitely doing so to get a reaction. It only works for a handful of people and he's great at it. Everyone who came into school wanted to be the next Bobcat, but you have to work your ass off to get to that level. Dude is a legend.
I've heard Bob called many things, but certainlly not a shock jock. Difference is, his "opinions" are not unsubstantiated. The perception of Mcown being "controversial" is something that morphed into it's own. Bob has the persona of someone who is somewhat short and blunt, yet if you meet him, or just listen to his show you will realise it is all an act. He is one of the more well connected and inteligent media talents in Canada, and his "opinions" on sports and business in sports, is supported by his experience in sports, business, and personal relationships with people like Beeston, Cinnamon, Sukolowski and many many others. Hardly a shock jock.

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