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Originally Posted by SLake View Post
OK, strategy time here.

Need someone to step up and run our draft board for the upcoming dispersal draft. Requirements are that you must start and maintain a thread for the draft, recruit and scout the eligible and all interested parties, and design a avatar for our draft picks and any "undrafted free agents" that we might acquire. All dispersal draft strategy should be discussed in the new thread. Trading of picks prior to the draft is now allowed with permission from The Commish. Put your own spin on this...

Let's have some fun with this!

I'm the draft freak here. (The NFL and NHL drafts I free base.)

Nashville Predators Fanbase analysis.

Strengths: Posters who aren't tools. Respectful and show class. They have the photoshop manipulator in Worst who's coming into his own in embracing the concept of 'music city' with his two past avatars 'iPreds' and 'Do it for Warren'. Positions of moderators was always a key of strength with the Preds with SLake and golfmade. The retirement of Bigfatcat999 from the moderator position has not hurt matters and frankly should help Nashville's standing as one of the better boards.

Weaknesses: Numbers. Nashville could afford some depth of character but other than that, not much. Nashville should make hay with their territorial picks.

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