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06-02-2011, 08:40 AM
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Poor Howie. Wonder who the Fan590 will replace him with to cover the Leafs?
Bobcat is king of the sport talk radio in Canada enough said. He does what he does well, very well. Andrew Krystal is always looking for away to get fans going. Greg Brady does/did the same in the 1-3 time slot. On the morning it's a little less and more targeted towards Jim Lang. Blair, who cares? I've never gotten into Blair all that much. Hockey Central is the 2nd flagship show. Once Howie joins 680 he'll be just down the hall from his 590 buddies.

But getting a Leafs fan to react to something said about the Leafs is not hard. Like last seasons playoff run was a complete Leafs-like ending. Riemer will lose his starting role to Gustavsson by mid-season. Scheen will not get a offer sheet from other teams because he is not good enough to get one. If you goal is to get all of Canada on your back then just tell them that Canada is not the best hockey country in the world and that *top ranked country by IIHF* is. Leafs fans will react to anything said about the Leafs as will Canadians when talking about hockey. Winnipeg having a NEW NHL team is only because of the short time line the league had to deal with. If the NHL had more time the team would have ended up in one of 5 other cities.

I feel that someone on the radio should be able to get me going and want to call in and state my point but also be infomational at the sametime. If the team or teams are playing bad I want them to tell that they are playing bad and this is way or this can be done ot fit it or call up the coach or manager and ask them what's going on? how can it be fixed? I don't want pretty bow-ties all over the place telling the team is going good when they still suck.

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